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Tripiti (or Trypiti), situated approximately 73km south of Heraklion and 12km east of Lendas, is home to the church of Panagia Tripiti, which is situated in a cave at the exit of the canyon near the beach. To reach this destination, travelers have two options: a 6km long dirt road that begins near Lendas harbor and heads east to Krotos village or a 9km long dirt road that departs from the village of Vassiliki in the Messara plain and passes through the wild Asterousia Mountains and the gorge of Trypiti, with its stunning karstic formations. At a point close to the beach, the canyon narrows to fit only one car and is known as Steno Faragi (Narrow Canyon), although this name is sometimes mistakenly used to refer to the nearby gorge leading to the Trafoulas beach.

On the northeast side of the beach (Kalokambos area), visitors can explore the ruins of the Minoan settlement of Papouri. From here, views of the South Cretan Sea are breathtaking. Trypiti beach is not organized, however there is a small tavern, and the area often draws quite a large number of people, especially in August. Additionally, there are some illegally-built rooms for rent and several caravans that have been permanently installed by locals.

For those seeking a more secluded beach experience, there are two tiny coves nearby. Both have coarse sand and calm water, with the first hidden on the west side of Fylakas Cape next to the long Tripiti beach, and the second located about 1km to the west at the Vyzaroplaka bay. The beach of Vyzaroplaka is especially known for its beautiful colors and rocky seabed, making it perfect for snorkeling and fishing.

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Feels like 26.5°C
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
WNW 28.1 km/h
6 UV

5 Day Forecast

Patchy rain possibleSunnySunny
Patchy rain possibleSunnySunny
20.4 / 15.9°C21.2 / 16.9°C20.3 / 17°C
19.8 km/h 23.8 km/h 29.5 km/h
68% 52% 57%
4 UV 5 UV 5 UV
Sunrise 07:14 AM
Sunset 07:06 PM

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