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Located 34 kilometers northwest of Agios Nikolaos and 16 kilometers east of Hersonissos, in the western outskirts of the Mirabello province, Milatos is a seaside village that has preserved many of its traditional features. It is renowned for the Milatos Cave, which was the scene of a massacre of locals by the Ottomans in 1823. Whether you’re looking for a solitary beach or a more social environment, Milatos offers a variety of beaches to suit your needs.

Just north of Milatos lies the seaside settlement known as the Beach of Milatos (Paralia Milatou). 1km east of Milatos, there are a few small, isolated bays with narrow stretches of sand surrounded by high cliffs. These coves of Milatos are ideal for those seeking solitude, though their waves can be quite strong. Further along, just before the harbor, is the main beach of Milatos. This beach is quite large, but is composed of pebbles and rocks in places, and is not organized. The water here is usually quite choppy. Near the village’s taverns, there is a small, organized sandy beach inside the harbor (Limani). This beach is a great choice for families, as the waters are almost always calm.

Finally, there is the Volaki beach, which is a man-made beach located at the port of Minos Imperial hotel. Here, the hotel has created two artificial sandy beaches on either side of a cement pier, which were formerly natural rocky shores with an impressive seabed. This beach is well-organized, and is a great option for those looking for a more social environment.

The village of Milatos is built near the site of the Minoan city of the same name, which was destroyed in the 3rd century BC by the city of Lyttos. According to legend, Milatos was the name of a boy who was raised by a wolf and who, upon adulthood, killed the tyrant of the city and fled to Asia Minor, where he founded the colony of Miletus in 1500BC. The city of Miletus has since become the birthplace of many famous philosophers, including Thales, Hippodamus and Anaximander.

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Milatos beach weather

Feels like 19°C
NNW 9 km/h
4 UV

5 Day Forecast

18.1 / 10.2°C20.4 / 10.8°C17.5 / 9.9°C
16.6 km/h 14.8 km/h 39.6 km/h
60% 57% 61%
4 UV 5 UV 4 UV
Sunrise 06:14 AM
Sunset 06:35 PM

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