Agios Nektarios

Welcome to the charming settlement of Agios Nektarios, located in the Sfakia region of Chania, in the beautiful island of Crete, Greece This village is situated at an altitude of 150m and can be found west of the fragrant Fragokastello plain As you enter the village, you will notice its relatively new buildings, as its inhabitants were forced to relocate here during the dictatorship in the 1970s This was due to the inaccessibility of their previous location, which was situated north of the village and was primarily known for its artichoke fields

Although the artichoke fields have been abandoned since the relocation, in recent years, some homes have been renovated and the village has become a hub for farming and olive production In fact, the village is home to the unique Pottery Sfakia, where you can find beautiful handmade pottery Agios Nektarios is also home to two main churches, St Nectarios and St Raphael, which are both worth a visit

During the summer months, the village comes to life with an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs, as well as other local products from nearby producers This is the perfect time to visit and immerse yourself in the local culture, as well as taste some delicious and fresh local produce

For those looking to visit Agios Nektarios, it is important to note that the village is located in the Chania region, approximately 80km away from Chania Airport The driving time from the airport to the village is approximately 1 hour and 39 minutes If you are flying into Heraklion Airport, the village is approximately 138km away with a driving time of 2 hours and 18 minutes So, come and discover the beauty and charm of Agios Nektarios in the stunning island of Crete

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Agios Nektarios weather

Feels like 28.4°C
WNW 15.1 km/h
1 UV

3 Day Forecast

30 / 24.2°C29.7 / 24.2°C29.2 / 24.7°C
18.7 km/h 20.5 km/h 19.1 km/h
53% 54% 55%
10 UV 10 UV 10 UV
Sunrise 06:17 AM
Sunset 08:38 PM

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