Sembronas, a charming village located in the regional unit of Chania, Crete, is not only the seat of the homonymous community but also a hidden gem waiting to be explored Situated 38 kilometers from the bustling city of Chania, this picturesque village is nestled at an altitude of 620 meters on a small plateau boasting around 80 natural water sources The village’s economy is mainly based on agriculture, with the production of chestnuts, olive oil, dairy products, honey, apples, and wine being its main sources of income

Rich in history and culture, Sembronas has been a settlement since ancient times In fact, during excavations in the Prasiana area, a box-shaped tomb from the early Christian period was discovered, along with bone remains and a clay oinochoe This discovery is a testament to the village’s long and fascinating history

The village is mentioned in various historical documents, including Francesco Barozzi’s writings from 1577, where it is referred to as Sembrona in the province of Kissamos In the Venetian census of 1583, it is recorded as Gavumera Sembrino with a population of 142, while in 1630, Francesco Basilicata mentions it as Sembrona in the province of Kissamos However, according to the chronicle of Antonio Trivan, the village belonged to the province of Kydonia, which suggests that its administrative affiliation may have changed over time

During the Egyptian census of 1834, the village is referred to as Sembronas In 1881, it was part of the municipality of Lakko, and the census recorded a diverse population of 69 Christians and 70 Muslims By 1900, the village had 102 inhabitants and was still part of the same municipality In 1920, it became part of the rural municipality of Nea Roumata, and in 1925 it was annexed to the Prase community However, in 1930, it was designated as the seat of the homonymous community, a title it held until the Kapodistrian administrative division in 1997 Currently, Sembronas is part of the municipality of Platanias

For travelers looking to visit this charming village, it is worth noting that Sembronas is located in the Chania region, 53 kilometers from Chania Airport with a driving time of approximately 1 hour and 7 minutes It is also 173 kilometers from Heraklion Airport, with a driving time of about 2 hours and 38 minutes With its rich history, beautiful natural surroundings, and traditional way of life, Sembronas is a must-visit destination for any Crete tourist

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Feels like 29.9°C
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WSW 3.6 km/h
7 UV

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45% 44% 44%
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Sunrise 06:18 AM
Sunset 08:41 PM

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