Souda, a charming town on the beautiful island of Crete, is a must-visit destination for any traveler Located in the Chania regional unit, Souda is a former municipality that has become part of the larger municipality of Chania since the 2011 local government reform This bustling town covers an area of 22007 km (8497 sq mi) and is known for its important ferry and naval port at the head of Souda Bay

Only 65 kilometres (40 miles) east of central Chania, Souda is easily accessible by car or public transportation Despite its close proximity to the city, Souda has a unique charm and character all its own Originally known as ‘Tuzla’ by the Turks, this area was once covered in salt beds and marshland In the 1870s, a new settlement was built here and quickly grew alongside the expanding port Today, Souda Bay is considered one of the deepest natural harbours in the Mediterranean, making it ideal for defense

As a popular arrival point for ferries from Piraeus, Souda is a bustling hub of activity In addition to its thriving port, the town is also home to a naval base and military accommodation and hospital, primarily for NATO forces The town also has a central square that was recently upgraded in 2020, offering a pleasant atmosphere for visitors Souda is also well-equipped with a variety of shops and renowned fish restaurants, particularly in the old town center

For history buffs, Souda offers a significant landmark in the form of the Allied War Cemetery This cemetery, located on the shore, is the final resting place for 1,527 soldiers, mainly from World War II Among the graves are 447 New Zealanders, 197 Australians, and the burial site of famous archaeologist John Pendlebury Pendlebury, who was the curator at Knossos for the British School in Athens, was tragically executed by the Germans in 1941 while working for British Intelligence

Souda’s convenient location in the Chania region also makes it a great base for exploring the rest of the island The town is only 15 km from Chania Airport, with a short driving time of 0 h 20 m, and 134 km from Heraklion Airport, with a driving time of 1 h 53 m So why not visit Souda and experience the beauty, history, and charm of this wonderful town for yourself?

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Feels like 30.4°C
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
W 3.6 km/h
7 UV

3 Day Forecast

29.2 / 25°C29.2 / 25.2°C29.2 / 25.7°C
13 km/h 15.8 km/h 15.5 km/h
49% 48% 49%
10 UV 10 UV 10 UV
Sunrise 06:18 AM
Sunset 08:40 PM

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