Nestled just 3km from the stunning Fodele beach and a short 10km away from the charming village of Agia Pelagia, lies the picturesque and traditional village of Fodele Steeped in history and culture, Fodele was once the site of the ancient town of Astali, serving as the sea port for the ancient city of Axos Today, Fodele is a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike, with its rural charm and stunning surrounding landscapes

The village of Fodele is a verdant oasis, surrounded by lush orange, mandarin, lemon, and olive groves These groves are renowned for producing high-quality agriculture products, particularly the oranges and mandarins Take a leisurely stroll through the surrounding areas outside the village and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Cretan landscape and flora

At an altitude of 54 meters, Fodele offers a tranquil and green paradise for visitors The main square of the village boasts a lovely park, providing ample shade and opportunities for walks and picnics The village is also home to a small river that runs through it, even in the early summer months, a rarity on the island of Crete The locals of Fodele are known for their incredible handcrafted goods, such as ceramics and handmade tablecloths, and the trade of local products, including the famous oranges and mandarins, as well as an array of fresh vegetables

Aside from the natural beauty and charm of Fodele, the village is also rich in cultural attractions It is the birthplace of the renowned painter Dominikos Theotokopoulos, more commonly known as “El Greco” Visitors can explore the El Greco museum, open daily from Monday to Sunday, to learn more about this famous artist The village is also home to the old Byzantine church of Panagia, with its stunning murals, and the Holy Monastery of Agios Panteleimon, just a short 10-minute drive away

The Byzantine church of Panagia is a must-visit for its unique architecture and beautiful frescoes Built on the site of an early Christian basilica, the church is a four-pillared, domed structure with stunning interior decorations While photography is not allowed inside, visitors can admire the various layers of frescoes, some dating back to the 8th century, making it a significant example of church art on the island of Crete

Fodele is not only a charming village but also a popular destination for those looking to escape the bustling cities It is a favorite spot for the locals of Heraklion and surrounding areas, who often visit on weekends to enjoy the natural surroundings and indulge in the delicious local Cretan cuisine With its panoramic views of the Fodele valley, the short route to the top of the village is a must for any visitor

In addition to its many attractions, it is worth noting that Fodele is located in the Heraklion region, 121km from Chania Airport with a driving time of 1 hour and 47 minutes, and 32km from Heraklion Airport with a driving time of just 29 minutes With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, Fodele is a must-visit destination for anyone exploring the beautiful island of Crete

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Feels like 31.2°C
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Sunset 08:36 PM

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