Astropelekita beach

A stop at Astropelekita beach while trekking along the E4 European trail is an absolute must. Located between the Plaka stony cape and Flomes or Elide Cape, the tiny beach offers an incredible view of the deep blue waters of Crete. According to Greek mythology, the whitish rocks that surround the area were formed after Olympian Gods threw a thunderbolt at the site. For weary travelers, Astropelekita is the perfect place to take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters. With its unique story and stunning scenery, Astropelekita is a must-see for anyone visiting the E4 trail.

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Astropelekita beach weather

Feels like 29.2°C
WNW 13 km/h
7 UV

5 Day Forecast

29.1 / 21.5°C29 / 20.6°C28 / 20.7°C
14.4 km/h 12.6 km/h 15.1 km/h
51% 49% 53%
10 UV 10 UV 10 UV
Sunrise 06:08 AM
Sunset 08:42 PM

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