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A charming village nestled in a fertile valley, Analipsi (also known as Ascension) is located about 20 km east of Heraklion. The area has a storied history, with it having been called Svourou Metohi in the early 20th century after some Turks who owned land here. Following the liberation of Crete from Ottoman rule, the shepherds of Agios Georgios village in the Lasithi Plateau were granted rights to move their cattle to Analipsi during the winter months. At present, the descendants of those early settlers are the privileged proprietors of diverse establishments in the vicinity, encompassing hotels, eateries, stores, and other amenities catering to tourists.

Analipsi is an ideal destination for families, as the atmosphere is peaceful and tranquil. It is also less developed tourist-wise than other nearby resorts. At the small pier in front of the village, there is a picturesque church dedicated to Agia Marina. To the east of this chapel lies the main sandy beach of Analipsi, which is very well organized. The waters here are shallow, but the waves can be quite frequent during the summer months.

In the afternoons, visitors can take a leisurely walk through the old village, admiring the beautiful gardens and stone-paved square. They can also take in the sights of the four-aisled Church of the Ascension, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the Ascension of Christ, the Holy Cross, and Saint Efrosinos. The main street of the village hosts a number of cafes and shops.

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Analipsi beach weather

Feels like 29.1°C
NW 20.9 km/h
7 UV

5 Day Forecast

SunnySunnyModerate rain
SunnySunnyModerate rain
27.8 / 19.4°C27.1 / 22.4°C27.9 / 21.2°C
21.6 km/h 24.1 km/h 21.6 km/h
61% 64% 62%
10 UV 10 UV 9 UV
Sunrise 06:04 AM
Sunset 08:36 PM

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